Finished listening to the CD and you guys did a great job! Very inspirational and I'm sure will be very helpful to people who are in the situation Rubyanna was in. I especially liked "Take A Chance", "Think for Yourself" and of course "In Search of Me". Jamie, Stan and Lon really helped make your project come to fruition and I think Deb's narration tied it all together perfectly. Great job!
-Steve Marche Tormé (Singer/Entertainer)

Steve March Torme
Steve Marche Tormé
Fifi, a medical doctor in Sierra Leone, talks about
how Deb has helped her personally and professionally.

“What an inspirational program! Standing room only! WOW! What a beautiful vision that came true! I was honored to be present and experience your wonderful offering.”
-Bonnie Eisele (Entertainer)

“As a financial advisor in the middle of a deep recession, I was challenged with negativity on all sides. Then Deb's words of inspiration, I was able to resist the flow pushing against me. My business increased over 200% in a matter of months."
-Ronnie Stoots (LPL Financial)

"Your seminar was up-lifting and energetic! Your formula, GUTS, was right on. I was facing a lot of decisions around the time of your seminar and I left excited and ready to make the changes I needed to make. I want to attend another one of your seminars so keep me informed on your schedule. Great and inspirational."
-Emily Hope (Printing Manager)

"Deb's energy is contagious and her words of wisdom will inspire you to go for whatever dream you are looking to achieve. Her G.U.T.S. formula provides an easy-to-remember system to keep yourself motivated and heading toward your goals."
-Tara Meyer-Robinson (Author/Speaker)

      "Deb's 4Step GUTS FORMULA is very simple and can be a daily check up from the neck up, to make sure the most important aspect of selling -- the thoughts and attitudes of the salesperson -- are on track. Giving us simple guidelines to avoid the troughs which we all go thru has been very helpful. Thanks."
-Jeff Timian (Financial Service Professional)

Kathy, an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, talks about
how Deb has coached her personally and professionally.


“I was just about to email you when I received a follow up from the “World On a String” seminar. The next day I was the happiest I have been in many months and I hope I can continue focusing on what took place and the words that were said that evening. I look forward to hearing you again in the future.”
-Paul A. Barnes (Realtor)


During one of Deb's Inspirational Evenings, Rubyanna
speaks to the audience about working with Deb.
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