Deb has been presenting empowering talks to groups, corporations, associations and others for over 20 years.

She speaks on many topics whether it’s a business theme or personal development. Her most popular seminar topic is “How to Stay Motivated For More Than a Day” (using her proven 4Step GUTS FORMULA).

A Seminar by Deb Cottle
Deb Cottle speaking

Attendees learn and utilize basic tools and techniques that they can implement on a daily basis to “have THEIR world on a string!” This empowering process helps individuals and groups become more focused, more positive, and resourceful in finding ways to improve their lives.



"Deb's energy is contagious and her words of wisdom will inspire you to go for whatever dream you are looking to achieve. Her G.U.T.S. formula provides an easy-to-remember system to keep yourself motivated and heading toward your goals."
-Tara Meyer-Robinson (Author/Speaker)

"I really enjoyed your seminar this afternoon! It was great to hear your presentation. You've definitely got a gift - you seemed so comfortable, and as if you were truly amongst friends! I am thankful that I won a gift certificate to hear another presentation, too! Please let me know when and where they're scheduled. Looking forward to it!"
-Jessica Miller (Proprietor)

“Just a note to thank you for your seminar, especially at a time when we all needed it most, and to let you know that our family will begin a new yearly tradition at Thanksgiving dinner: each member of our family will be requested to tell something positive about their lives! Each one will share the good things and NO NEGATIVE statements or conversations will be allowed."
-Nancy Shores (Entrepreneur)










Deb's Inspirational Evenings are themed events held around the USA. While each event is unique, each evening combines music with an inspiring talk from Deb.

Attendees enjoy networking and socializing at the Cocktail Reception while listening to inspirational music. An inspiring talk follows, featuring Deb Cottle and sometimes a guest speaker.

"Standing Room Only" has been the positive result of Inspirational Evenings so far.

After all, it is a great thing to "Get Your World on a String!"



        It takes the 4Step GUTS FORMULA to make changes in your life.
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