"Deb, Thanks for a wonderful and inspirational evening. You could see the light coming from you! I am so blessed and honored to know you. You are one of my role models and I wish you all the success coming to you. You are deserving. Thanks for the positive ideas and thoughts when I got the down in the dump thoughts, I think of you and I cheer up! All the best personally and professionally."
- Tammie
Deb also coaches individuals and groups either in person, by phone or through webinars. She works with clients from Florida, California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Africa, Belgium and Hong Kong.

Contact Deb to find out more about her next program, to get more information on coaching, or if you would like to invite her to speak to your organization.


"Finished listening to the CD and you guys did a great job! Very inspirational and I'm sure will be very helpful to people who are in the situation Rubyanna was in. I especially liked "Take A Chance", "Think for Yourself" and of course "In Search of Me". Jamie, Stan and Lon really helped make your project come to fruition and I think your narration tied it all together perfectly. Great job!"
-Steve March Tormé


"Thanks for always being there when I needed a 'Deb Fix.' You always know what to say to help me navigate around my obstacles!" -Evie

  "I’ve been practicing your affirmations you taught me and it really truly does make a difference. I’ve really learned how much thinking can make or break you. I didn’t realize how constantly stressed I was and how it was holding me back from life! So thanks Deb!!"  
- Elly
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